This camping covers an overall area of 63,000 sq. m, and has an adjacent beachfront  as large as 60,000 sq. m, has 168 caravan accommodation plots, 21 camper accommodation plots and 87 tent plots. It was conveniently classified into four sectors, lying in three lines against the shoreline.



All plots have been assigned numbers to, covering equal areas of 80 sq. m. Each of them is electrified (max: 2.20 kW) and has water supply.

Water main access is by hose to a 1/2 water tap module.

Each plot has its own terminal with a fuse, so connection to power supply uses a rubber cable and a shockproof (Schuko) type of electrical socket which is to be supplied by the caravan itself.


Sector A, the northernmost, provides 76 plots. Plots are located in three lines against the shoreline, with the first and the second line offering 30 and 27 plots, respectively, and are only seasonal.

Sector B, again in 3 lines, is situated in the central part of the camping. It offers 57 plots, with 29 at the first line.

Sector E is located to the south of Sector B. it only accommodates tents and short-term holiday makers (such as camper vans). This sector offers good natural shade. The development plan provides for a future with tent zone only coupled with an open air cooking and meal zone. As of now Zone E offers 21 plots.

Sector C is located at the southernmost area of the camping and has a total of 122 plots distributed into 5 lines against the seashore. Plots here are for season-round renting. The number of plots is 33 and 28, respectively.



All bathrooms/WCs at Gradina are located within a maximum distance of 50 m from any camping plot. Bathrooms and WCs were entirely renovated featuring excellent hygiene, with several cleanings per day.



Each guest will have a bathroom/WC access chip, which ensures that all such facilities are maintained clean at all times and the use thereof by camping guests only.

Crockery/cutlery washing zones are in the open air and are located at each 50 m along the alleys.


The Gradina Camping stands out as one of the sunniest and sandiest camping sites along the Black Sea coast. Nevertheless many holiday makers may find comfortable plots for their tents under the natural shades of the poplars and the die-hard caravan fans  may book plots at the first or the second line where they may install sheds made of natural materials to respond the romantic appeal of the seaside views.