About us

The Gradina Camping stands out as one of the oldest and most famous camping sites along the Black Sea coast. This is the place where already four generations of holiday makers spend the whole summer, away from urban stress and every day routine, in harmony with sea and nature and with a view to the waves and the St. Ivan island.

Gradina is situated in the southern portion of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, at the bay located between the small towns Chernomorets and Sozopol, a bit nearer to Chernomorets, at a mere 30 km from Burgas. The access to the camping is off the Burgas–Primirsko main road.

Gradina Camping’s location near some of the most ancient places in Bulgaria, the historical towns of Sozopol and Nessebar, makes it even more attractive to tourists from all around the globe.

The camping site offers accommodation for own caravans, tents and luxury bungalows.



Our guests will feel comfortable amidst loads of verdure and amenities. The camping site has several catering businesses, a grocery store, a diner, a sporting goods store and an automated teller machine. The beach offers separate beach volleyball grounds and windsurf school and a kitesurfing school. Good conditions offered by the place yield a lot of opportunities for beginners to further develop their skills and to spend very pleasant holidays there – try something new, know some new and interesting people.

24/7 guard provided by the municipal police force is there to ensure around- the- clock security for the holiday makers, with alleys lighted and with video surveillance. There is an existing access regime, with ban on car entrance throughout the night, i.e. between 10:00 PM and 08:00 AM.

No noisy pubs or discotheques will disturb the holiday makers at the camping site and this is a good reason for them to have a wonderful rest and domestic tranquillity.

The camping offers splendid conditions even for people who have never camped before.

Try something new and you’ll understand what true relaxation means.

Today Gradina Camping has a totally new modern look.

Improvements in both facilities, amenities and infrastructure are notable.

Gradina strives to turn into a high-class camping and this may be seen right from its entrance. Nice and right-on, the reception desk building was top to bottom renovated in 2017.

Bathrooms and WCs were entirely renovated in 2018 featuring excellent hygiene, with several cleanings per day. Each guest will have a bathroom/WC access chip, which ensures that all such facilities are maintained clean at all times and the use thereof by camping guests only.

Gradina has managed to preserve its look and image of a leading camping in Bulgaria for many years now. It stands out as the only old camping, which managed to survive and, moreover, to develop and promote its position as a top camp site. The combination of location, natural heritage, landscapes and accommodation conditions make it a wanted destination by both Bulgarians and guests from abroad.

The new 2019 investments made are large-scale, while the development project is even more impressing.



Bulgaria’s only camping survey based ranking, #BestBGcamp for 2016 is over. It was launched on 04 July 2016 and for nearly 3 months under-the-stars-holiday aficionados voted for which their favourite camping site in Bulgaria was. That survey marked its second year of existence and was kicked off by Camping.bg in partnership with Sport Depot chain of stores.


- Favorite camping site along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast
    1 Place: South Beach (Gradina)
    2 Place: The cool place
    3 Place: St. Georgi

- Camping with significant improvements and development
    1 Place: Kapinovski Monastery
    2 Place: South Beach (Gradina)
    3 Place: The cool place

- Best landscape Camping site
    1 Place: Kapinovski Monastery
    2 Place: South Beach (Gradina)
    3 Place: The cool placeand Eco – camping Batak

- Camping site featuring best location and environment
    1 Place: Kapinovski Monastery
    2 Place: South Beach (Gradina)
    3 Place: Eco – camping Batak

- Camping site featuring best physical infrastructure
    1 Place: Kapinovski Monastery
    2 Place:South Beach (Gradina)
    3 Place: Eco – camping Batak